Selection of sunglasses for drivers

Driver Sunglasses brief introduction:

Driver's glasses (driving glasses) are made according to the principle of polarization of light. When sunlight is projected on the surface of the road or water, it directly stimulates the eyes, making them feel dazzling, tired and unable to sustain vision. Especially when driving a car, not only affect our work and entertainment mood, and even affect our judgment of the image and cause danger; Night driving meeting, the incoming headlights will cause a black blind area ahead, qualified night driving glasses will greatly reduce the headlights into the glasses of the light, thereby reducing the light. The blind area ahead is to achieve safe driving at night. Eye fatigue is an important cause of traffic accidents, and glare and ultraviolet radiation have become the eyes in driving. The eye killer.

Driver Sunglasses brief introduction

Driver Sunglasses principle:

The special effect of driver's glasses (driving glasses) is to effectively eliminate and filter the scattered light in the beam. So that the light can be used in the optical axis of the normal eye to put into the visual image of the eye, so that the field of vision is clear and natural. Like blinds, light is tuned into the same direction and enters the room, making the scene look soft and invisible. It has a unique priority to eliminate glare function, has a special effect on drivers, can improve vision and increase driving fun. Direct exposure to headlights of opposite driving vehicles can cause traffic accidents similar to night blindness. Driving glasses at night can block the damage caused by strong light and reduce the incidence of accidents. 100%, it can eliminate ultraviolet rays, at the same time eliminate glare. Driving at night is safer. In addition, because of the driver's particularity, glasses must also be impact-resistant, not easy to break to prevent secondary damage to the eyes in an accident, so the general driving mirror can not use fragile glass materials, but should use resin, nylon and other materials! PC space bullet-proof lenses are the driver's preferred spectacles to protect eye safety in case of accidental impact.

Driver Sunglasses principle

Driver's Sunglasses:

Choose regular channels to purchase genuine products, preferably to regular shops or online shopping centers. Driver's glasses sold by some vendors are very cheap, but they are often counterfeit products, not only without polarizing effect, or even can not prevent ultraviolet rays, not only can not care for the eyes, but also affect the visual effect. The driver's glasses should not be too bright when choosing colors. Gray, green, tea is the best choice for drivers, gray driver spectacles on any chromatographic uniform absorption, effectively avoid visual aberration, but also alleviate visual fatigue. In addition, the dark driver's glasses can filter out a lot of blue light, improve visual contrast and clarity, in the case of serious air pollution (such as dust storms) or foggy wearing effect is good. And light blue, light pink and other driver glasses best not to choose. If UV is not particularly strong, it is advised not to wear driver's glasses. Don't wear driver's glasses on cloudy days or when the light is very mild, because the lack of light causes visual fatigue instead.

Drivers Sunglasses manufacturers

Drivers Sunglasses manufacturers:

Zhejiang Kaixin Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 (parent company Wenzhou Qiaoye is the first polarizer manufacturer in mainland China in 1998), is a set of photoelectric, optical material research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the international high-tech enterprises. The total assets totaled 60 million US dollars, with more than 400 employees. Main business: sunglasses, polarizing lenses (LCD / OLED display), polarizing sunglasses (TAC polarizing lenses, nylon polarizing lenses, PC polarizing lenses, CR39 polarizing lenses, glass polarizing lenses, 3D glasses), PC / PMMA optical film, optical sheets and precision coating optical functional films. Cooperate with BOE, HUAWEI, OPPO in display and optoelectronic field, 3D glasses and RealD Inc, a well-known international 3D system supplier, have formed more than 10 years of strategic cooperation.

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