What is polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses are a kind of sunglasses. Polarized light can be divided into three types: linear polarization, elliptical polarization and circularly polarized light. Generally called polarized light refers to linear polarized light, also known as plane polarized light. The vibration of this kind of light wave is fixed and unchanged along a specific direction, and its propagation path in space is sinusoidal curve, and its projection is a straight line on the plane perpendicular to the propagation direction.

polarized sunglasses

The plane composed of the vibration direction and the propagation direction of the linear polarized light is called the vibration plane, and the plane perpendicular to the vibration direction and containing the propagation direction is called the polarization plane. Linear polarized light can be obtained through natural light passing through a polarizer. It is often used in optical research of crystals.


Polarized Sunglasses block uncomfortable bright light and protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. All this is due to metal powder filters, which "select" light as it enters. Polarized Sunglasses selectively absorb part of the spectrum that makes up the sun's light because they rely on very fine metal powders (iron, copper, nickel, etc.).