Selection of sunglasses lenses

1. consider the material of the lens. Generally speaking, the sun lenses on the market today are mainly made of glass lenses, PC lenses and resin lenses. Glass lenses are the best optical materials, but ordinary breakage is not safe enough. Specially designed prices are too expensive, so they are used less. PC lenses are opposite. They are more resistant to impact and less breakable. So most sports sunglasses will be used. The most widely used one is resin lenses. Resin lenses are phenolic chemicals that are lightweight, heat resistant, impact resistant, and can effectively block ultraviolet light.

2. consider the function of lenses. Anti-reflective lenses: These lenses are coated with a thin layer of magnesium oxide to prevent strong light from reflecting, to make things clearer and free from strong light. Detection method, the eyes on the light source, if you can see purple or green reflection, indicating that the lens does have a coating of anti-reflective protective film.

3. Polarizing lenses: Polarizing lenses are made of two ordinary lenses with a polarizing film or a vertical special coating between them. It can filter the sun's rays from the water, the asphalt pavement and the snow in the same direction. It is most suitable for outdoor sports. Detection methods, using special test sheets, or mobile phones and other LCD screens, when rotating the screen, if the screen will turn black with the rotation, that is, polarized lenses.

4. Discoloration function: add silver halide chemicals to the lenses, so that the original transparent colorless lenses, when exposed to strong light will become colored lenses.

Selection of sunglasses frames

Color selection of polarizing sunglasses lenses