What is polarized light in polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are made according to the principle of polarization, giving another layer of protection. Polarized sunglasses can use their polarization to guide the direction of the light to remove the light into the human eye clutter, play a role in anti-glare. Below, Zhejiang Kaixin Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Xiaobian introduces you in detail.

Polarized light is formed by all waves vibrating in the same direction, whereas ordinary light is formed by waves vibrating in an undirected direction. Generally speaking, reflected light is an orderly light. The polarized film in the polarized sunglasses is very filterable for this reflected light, and the lenses allow only polarized waves vibrating in a certain direction to pass through. Reflected light on the road is a special kind of reflected light, reflected in the disorder of light, polarized sunglasses in the polarized film can play a role, it does not allow parallel vibration with the road light through. In fact, the long molecules in the filter layer are oriented horizontally and absorb horizontally polarized light. In this way, most of the reflected light is eliminated, and the ambient illumination is not reduced.

In addition to some reflected light, the most harmful ultraviolet rays in life are also mentioned. Ultraviolet rays not only harm the skin of the human body, but also cause great damage to the eyes, which can lead to eye diseases. The anti ultraviolet film in polarized sunglasses can effectively resist ultraviolet rays and protect the eyes. Some people who have undergone ophthalmic surgery, if not suitable for the outside light, wearing polarized sunglasses can play a very good role in protecting the eyes.

There are many occasions where polarized sunglasses are used. For example, when driving, with the role of polarized sunglasses, there is no need to worry about the front light is too strong, the lights of the vehicle is too harsh. When you go fishing, you don't have to worry about written light. Outdoor sports, there is no need to worry about UV damage. This is also the reason why polarized sunglasses are used as driving glasses, fishing glasses and so on.

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What is polarized light in polarized sunglasses

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