Distinguish true and false PET explosion-proof membrane method

Detection of the true and false PET explosion-proof film is first to see the color of its explosion-proof film, the true PET explosion-proof film because of the use of metal sputtering process, nickel, silver, titanium and other advanced metals coated on the natural film, how to use it in the future will not appear discoloration, fading phenomenon. And from the appearance, the true PET explosion-proof film color uniform and soft, no wave shade uneven color difference, from the car to see the natural color of the scene. Ordinary color film is to melt the color directly in the film, tear off the upper layer of plastic paper, scrape the adhesive surface, there will be color off, such a film in a year or two have to be replaced. In addition, the ordinary coloured film is gently wiped on the floor to see fading.

Distinguish true and false PET explosion-proof membrane method

Next is to see the perspective of explosion-proof membrane, PET explosion-proof membrane regardless of the depth of color, perspective is very high. Driving at night and rainy days can also ensure good sight and safe driving. And ordinary color film because of the use of ordinary dyeing process, by color insulation, so the color is dark, from the car out there is always a kind of foggy feeling. From the heat insulation effect, the ordinary color film insulation rate is low, sitting in the car will feel very stuffy, and PET explosion-proof film will not be so. Zhejiang Kaixin Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a brand-new professional engaged in touch screen optical materials, screen personalized protection product design, production and sales. The product series covers all the major brands, mobile phones, computers, displays, GPS, Apple, Samsung, Nokia and other brands under the anti-scratch high permeability film, anti-scratch diamond film, grinding anti-fingerprint film, mirror film, anti-peep film and other products.

Distinguish true and false PET explosion-proof membrane method

Zhejiang Kaixin Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. experts said that the fake PET explosion-proof membrane has three main hazards. Firstly, the stability of the inferior film is very poor, it is easy to decompose and aging under the photosynthetic and thermal effects, and fade after one and a half years, and the insulation function is gradually lost; secondly, the inferior film is easy to volatilize because of the low cost of materials and simple process, and the material and adhesive often contain formaldehyde, benzene and other high-risk substances, decomposition in the sun. After volatilization, it will seriously endanger people's health; third, poor light transmittance and clarity of poor film, easy to cause fatigue, serious traffic accidents, life-threatening.

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