Structure of LCD panel polarizer

The basic structure of the polarizer includes: the most intermediate PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), two layers of TAC (cellulose triacetate), PSA film (pressure sensitive adhesive), Release film (release film) and Protective film (protection film). In order to protect the physical properties of the polarized film, a composite (TAC) film with high light transmittance, good water resistance and certain mechanical strength is formed on both sides of the PVA to protect the polarized plate.

In the production of TN-type LCD polarizer, according to different requirements, PSA with a certain thickness should be coated on one side of the original plate of the polarizer, and the isolation film for PSA protection should be combined; on the other side, protective film, reflective film and semi-transmissive and semi-reflective film should be separately combined according to the product type, thus forming the finished product of the polarizer. For STN-type LCD polarizer, the phase difference film and protective film with compensation value of positioning phase difference should be compounded on the side of PSA layer according to the different needs of customers at a certain compensation angle to form STN-type LCD polarizer. This is the basic structure and working principle of LCD polarizer.

The pressure sensitive adhesive used is a high temperature resistant and dampproof pressure sensitive adhesive, and PVA is dipped in a special way (dye series products). The polarizer is a wide-temperature type polarizer. The polarizer can be made by adding a component to the pressure sensitive adhesive used to prevent the ultraviolet rays from passing through, and then the polarizer can be made by compounding birefringence on the transmission plate. Optical compensation film, can be made into STN polarizer; in the transmission of the original film and then composite with a light steering film, can be made into a wide-angle polarizer or narrow-angle polarizer; on the use of pressure sensitive adhesive, PVA film or TAC film coloring, that is, color polarizer. In fact, with the continuous development of new LCD products, more and more types of polarizers.

Structure of LCD panel polarizer

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