CR39 Polaroid resin lens advantages

CR39 Polaroid resin lens advantages

1, light: the general resin lens density is 0.83-1.5, and optical glass 2.27~5.95.

CR39 Polaroid resin lens advantages

2. Strong impact resistance: The impact resistance of resin lenses is generally 8-10 kg/cm 2, several times that of glass, so it is not easy to break, safe and durable.

3. Good transmittance: in the visible region, the resin lens transmittance is close to glass; in the infrared region, slightly higher than glass; in the ultraviolet region, the transmittance decreases with the decrease of wavelength at 0.4um, and almost all the light with wavelength less than 0.3um is absorbed, so the transmittance is poor.

4. Low cost: injection-molded lenses, with precision molds can be mass-produced, the cost of a single piece can be greatly reduced.

5. To meet special needs: for example, it is not difficult to make aspheric lenses, but difficult to make glass lenses.

CR39 Polaroid resin lenses

CR39 Polaroid resin lens features