CR39 Polaroid resin lenses

CR39 Polaroid resin lense

The CR39 Polaroid lens is an organic material with a high molecular chain structure and a three-dimensional network structure. The structure between the molecules is relatively relaxed and there is room for relative displacement between the molecular chains.

CR39 Polaroid lens

Resin is a hydrocarbon (hydrocarbon) secretion from a variety of plants, especially conifers. Because of its special chemical structure and its use as latex paint and adhesive, it has been valued. Because it is a mixture of many polymer compounds, the melting point is also different.

Resins can be divided into two kinds: natural resin and synthetic resin. There are many kinds of resins, which are widely used in light and heavy industries, and can be seen in daily life, such as plastics, resin glasses and coatings. Resin lens is a kind of lens which is synthesized by resin and processed by grinding.

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