What important effect does the cinema wear 3D glasses?

When you watch a 3D movie in a movie theater, wear 3D glasses to make you feel that the scene in front of you is a real three-dimensional space. When you take off your glasses, you will find that the picture on the screen is empty and ghosting. 3D glasses are specially made, and different films require different glasses, red and blue glasses, red and blue glasses, green and red glasses... Wait. The 3D film is shot with two cameras, just like the left and right eyes of a person, and then put the two lenses together, and then use the different colors of the eyes to distinguish between the left and right two slightly different lenses, this time you see the two eyes are not the same.

3D glasses

You can also try to see a thing with one eye, because there is a distance between the two eyes, so the two eyes see things are different, there are some slight differences in the position. When you look at things together, your sense of space is stronger. The 3D movie is modeled on this. Of course, some films are not so high-tech now, can not be at the beginning of the double-lens shooting at the same time. Therefore, the use of late amendments to the film, in order to achieve a 3D effect, such a film 3D effect is much worse.

3D glasses

Because the images of the left and right eyes are taken from different angles during the production of the film, we can see images that are not overlapping or blurred on the screen. When we put on our 3D glasses, something magical happened, the image became clear, and there was a 3D effect.、

3D glasses

Because 3D glasses are also two polarizers with the same polarization direction as the left and right projectors, they only allow the light of a projector to pass through the glasses, allowing the left and right eyes to see the images projected by the right and left projectors, so that the brain receives two images from different angles, thus forming a three-dimensional simulation of reality. Feeling. Read the above articles, do you all understand? The important effect of wearing 3D glasses in the cinema? Like our 3D glasses knowledge articles, remember to pay attention to Zhejiang Kaixin Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.